Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Promise of Hope

Father God,

Help me to care for your flock. I am a willing worker, eager to serve. Show me how to be an example of your love.

Humble me, Father, and show me where in my life I need to submit. I claim your promise to hold me up and care for me. I release all of my anxiety to you. I release all of my worries to you. I need not worry about what I should eat or where I should live, for I am valuable to you.

Send your Holy Spirit to quicken me keeping me alert to your plan and the dangers that would distract and seek to destroy me. Through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, I will exercise self-control and I will not give in to the temptations of this world.

You have called me into your eternal glory. I will resist the devil and stand firm in my faith for you have promised to restore me; I am strong, firm and steadfast in the power of Christ Jesus.

You chose me. You love me. I believe in you and accept the Word of truth and life. Write your words on my heart. Whisper words of truth in my ear. I rebuke all confusion. I dispel Satan's lies. I remember your words and your promises. I accept your grace, encouragement and hope. Encourage my heart and strengthen me in every good deed and word.

In Jesus' name,


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