Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You're Invited

I send this personal invitation to my friends and family whom I feel have something to gain or offer towards the mission of my blog. For too long, I have perpetuated the lie that good Christians do not feel anger, inferiority, fear, failure, anxiety, jealousy, lust, control, pride, etc., by not being honest with my friends and family about my own struggles. I have become aware that many of my closest friends and family have dealt with, or are dealing with, some of the same things I am going through, and I am not alone. For those of you who have already been through some of the things I discuss, I pray you will share with others the way you have overcome. For those of you struggling, I pray you will be open and ask the hard questions, so we can all be set free from the feelings and thoughts that keep us from discovering our full potential, accomplishing the things God has set before us, and accepting unconditional love. I have sent this invitation to only a select few of my inner circle, but in an attempt to help any who seek it, I have made this blog accessible to the public. I encourage you to remain anonymous if you wish, and especially if it will help you to be open and share the most difficult things that would free you and others of a common bondage. I take a risk in authoring this blog. I trust that all who participate will be discreet in revealing information when sharing and not use this as a means to gossip or bring harm.

Each post has a comment button, which I strongly encourage you to use in an effort to help the most people and maintain anonymity. If you wish to be updated when someone responds to a post on which you've commented, just select the option on the comment form to receive an email when other comments are posted. I have included those of you receiving this email to receive an email each time I publish a new post, but you will not receive updates or comments unless you comment and select to receive further comments. I encourage everyone to please refrain from offering "advice", but rather to offer personal experiences, failures and successes, which can often help more than "good advice".

Father God,

May those reading and participating in this blog be blessed with wisdom, revelation and healing. I pray our intentions will be pure and our hearts will be open to the work of the Holy Spirit. May our struggles and suffering be overcome by the power of Jesus Christ and used to further the spreading of the love of God and His gospel.


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Anonymous said...

I have been there. As a teenager I struggled with feeling unworthy in every area of my life. After years of serving the Lord, but feeling scared that I would never be good enough, or smart enough I felt so tired.

Then I dared to take a speaking/teaching position in a Bible college in my late 30's where I faced the challenge and God helped me overcome my mistaken belief system... it really isn't about ME, but about God in me... I will never be GOOD enough or smart enough to warrant God's acceptance. It is all about Him and His Grace that fills all the empty spots and makes me a whole person.

I learned to face my smallness and put my hand in His and accept the fact that He is my righteousness, perfection, and He has qualified me because He wants that for me and not because of anything I have done... back to it is all about HIM.

Oh, the thoughts would come to challenge me... What if they ask you a question and you won't know the answer when you teach...? The Lord impressed me with the answer... just say."I don't know." It is ok to not have an answer for everyone... of course I will always search for that answer and I grow from the challenge... God is so good and He is My father that loves me as much as He loves Jesus... Again, not because of who I am, but to whom I belong.

Almost 30 years ago I was set free of fear of what people thought about me or my abilities. As long as everything is ok between the Lord and me... I'm OK!

When asked to speak or teach and I rise to take the podium it is no longer me, but Christ in me and His Word that endures forever...

I am on a journey and going from glory to glory and things change, I change... nothing stays the same. That is why it is called the Living Word. I'm excited/curious to know what God has for me next... next week,month,year...?