Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm exhausted!

I finished reading "Shadow Boxing" today, and I strongly recommend it to any Christian. While reading this book, God brought many things in my life to mind that are strongholds. But today specifically, as I was trying to read the last chapters of my book, I was exhausted. I've been tired since I woke up, and I'm so tired all the time. As I finished reading my book 20 minutes ago, I decided to take a little nap. I hate taking naps in the middle of the day. It feels like such a waste of time, but I was so tired. Right before I went to sleep, I decided to make good on my promise from yesterday to pray more. I began talking to God, asking Him to please show me what I need to do and how I can change some of the patterns and break the strongholds in my life. And then it happened, God said..."Stop drinking caffeine." I'm like, "Well, that was fast." But as soon as I started to dismiss this "voice", I decided to submit. I said, " Yes, God." It was so easy and freeing, and I immediately had more energy.

Now I'm not saying caffeine is bad, or you should give it up. Maybe you don't have this issue in your life, but how many times have you prayed for God to relieve you from a burden, and then ignored the simple clear answer He gave you. In the following moments while I lay on the couch with my eyes closed talking to God, he gave me some other obvious things that cause me to be tired. These things of themselves are not sin, but I know they cause me to be tired, therefore, preventing me from getting up early to spend quiet time with God, accepting opportunities to do God's will, and being in a good mood. Because these things prevent me from obeying what God has commanded me to do, they are sinful for me. It amuses me how Satan often uses the little things to keep me from experiencing the true bounty of God's grace in my life. So, as I lay there on the couch, thinking about how awesome God is, I think, "Alright, great! When I'm done with my nap, I'll do something." LOL! Yeah, I know. "Why not now?" It finally clicks. Have faith, and do what God says. Some days I'm a little slower than others, but God is so faithful to continue pushing me in the right direction!

Father God,

Thank you for answering my call. I accept Your wisdom and guidance and fully submit myself to your will. Forgive me for choosing small conveniences in life over You and allowing Satan to deceive me that any sin is small. Send your Holy Spirit to fill the holes where my bad habits once were and encourage me, and give me strength and grace through your son, Jesus Christ, to resist temptation. I commit to put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provisions for the flesh, to fulfill its lust (Rom.13:14). By resisting Satan and refusing to conform to this world, I take authority by Christ Jesus over being tired. I give all the glory and honor to You, Father. Thank you for your wisdom, grace and mercy. Please continue to give me wisdom through Your Holy Spirit to recognize my sin, repent, and change my actions.

In Jesus name,

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